Purity: A Way of Life

This month we’ll be studying the book of Esther and our text is taken from Esther 2:12-14.

The story of Esther is very interesting and I always learn something every time I read it. Esther was a young Jewish girl who lost her parents but was brought up by her uncle Mordecai. At that time in Shushan King Ahausuerus banished Queen Vashti for defying his orders in the presence of his guests. According to the suggestions of the King’s servants, virgins were brought in from all of the province for the king to select his next queen.
Esther was part of the maidens that were selected to go through the purification process for 12 months. One thing is very imperative in this study which is purity. The first criteria for a maiden to be selected was their virginity after which they had to go through a twelve months purification process. After the purification process they were eligible to ask whatever they wanted before they went in to see the king. Any maiden who doesn’t go through the purification process cannot ask for anything which meant they had to be pure.

As a Christian the Bible says in 1 Peter 1:16 “Ye shall be holy for I am holy” and in Hebrews 12:14b “Without holiness no man shall see God”. The only guarantee we have in receiving answers to our prayers is living a pure and holy life. When we go before God in humility and pureness of heart we have the assurance that our prayers are heard and will be answered.

How can we live a pure life before God? It is by confessing our sins, forsaking them and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We have to constantly meditate on the word of God to feed our mind so there is no room for sin. The Bible declares we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and when we live a pure life we have direct access to the throne room of grace where we can ask whatever we desire.

Father, I pray that you will make us holy and that we’ll live a holy life all the days of our lives. Only then can we get our prayers answered and spend eternity with you in Jesus’ Name. AMEN. – Jane Awittor


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