Young Women for Christ

Welcome to our blog site! YWFC began in 2012 with the YWFC Facebook page. Through the Lord’s direction and grace, what began as a weekly status update has now grown into a full blog. We are excited to see what great things God will do through this blog.

The mission of YWFC is to build up young women all over the world who are followers of Jesus Christ. YWFC achieves this mission by sharing scripture, posting encouraging devotionals and thought provoking posts, and accepting prayer requests and testimonies. YWFC has several contributors across various towns and cities with various backgrounds and stories, but we all bring our different experiences, life lessons, studies, and testimonies to promote YWFC’s mission. And yes, we are women!

We hope that you are encouraged and challenged to pursue God and grow in Christ as you read our posts and follow our blog. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook!


Jane Awittor is the leading inspiration behind YWFC. She is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and a brilliant engineer, but with all that has dedicated her time to service for Christ.
“I am a simple woman who loves God and wants to share the gospel all around the world. My vision is to reach out to teenagers and young adults.”

Eruore Oboh loves music and enjoys pouring her thoughts on paper in poetry, songs, essays, and journals. You can follow her personal stories at The Write Thoughts.
“I love to worship God with my voice, whether it be through singing or through writing. I believe everything we do should and can worship God.”