His Death Gave me Life Abundance

I heard a story of a Pastor who went fishing with his son and his son’s friend. While on that fishing trip there was a huge wave storm which meant their boat will capsize. There were only two life jackets in the boat, one for the father and the second one for his son, while they were trying to decide who gets what; the son said to his father I will give my life jacket to my friend. When his father asked why, he simply told his father that his friend had not surrendered his life to Christ and if he died would go to hell fire. But he (the son) knew where he was going if he should die, so he proceeded to give his friend his life jacket to put on. When the waves became unbearable and eventually capsized their boat, they all went into the ocean but the only survivors that the coast guards could find were the father and the son’s friend but the son died.

Many years later, the Pastor was invited to a church for a memorial service and the officiating pastor stood up to address the congregation. During his address he introduced the guest pastor but before he gave him the pulpit, he indulged the patience of the congregation to take them on a little journey of how he met God. He told the congregation that after that singular incident of his friends sacrifice he surrendered his life to Christ and since then he has been a child of God. After his story, tears filled the eyes of the guest Pastor as he went to embrace his son’s friend and praised the bravery of his son. Jesus Christ was the ransom that died on our behalf. He took upon him the shame, punishment, grief, sickness, sin and our infirmities. He took all of them with him and he was nailed to the cross for the sins of mankind. He died that I might live not only in this world but in eternity. if you haven’t met the Lord Jesus now is the time to completely surrender your life to him, confess and forsake all your sins and ask him to be lord over your life. His Death gave us the liberty to come boldly to the throne room of grace and obtain mercy. His death gave us access to abundant life, peace, wealth, joy and answered prayers; his death also meant we can call God our father because the sin that separated us from God has been wiped away by the precious blood of the lamb.

What is abundant life? Abundant life simply means to have everything we need in sufficiency, if your life is full of worry, anxiety and lack let me introduce you to a man who will take all that away and replace it with abundance, satisfaction, peace, divine health, joy and above all eternity with him.

Father I pray, that as many as read today’s message that do not have a relationship with you that the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened and they will surrender to you Lord. The price has been paid and there is no reason why they should pay with their own blood. Thank you father for answers to prayer. In Jesus’ wonderful name I pray, AMEN.

– Jane Awittor


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