January 2016

Understanding Our Rights as Believers

The lack of prayer in a believer is the cause of worry and anxiety in the life of a believer. As children of God we have the same rights and authority that Jesus exercised when he was on earth. The apostles exercised that power and great men of God have manifested that same power. What is the difference between us and these great men of God? The difference is the quality of time spent in prayer and in the presence of God.

The name of Jesus has been bestowed to the church and when we as believers take our place and exercise our authorities as believers then we see the power of God greatly manifested.

When I take my place as a daughter of God and joint heir with Christ then can I say without fear or doubt “I am what he says I am”. “I can do what he says I can do with his ability in me” I can declare with all boldness I am a believer, a new creation in Christ Jesus, a joint heir with Christ, an heir of God. Jesus has given me the power of attorney to use his name.

To exercise my authority as a believer I have to know my rights. In today’s world if I don’t know my rights as a citizen of my country I will be unjustly taken advantage of. The same is the case with believers when we fail to recognize our rights the enemy will toil with us as he pleases.

It is a shame to be a child of God and be living in abject poverty. It is unthinkable because he has promised me “His thoughts for me are of good and not of evil” and that “The Lord will supply all my needs according to his riches in glory” “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” so it is impossible for me to lack.

It is a disgrace for a child of God to be sick because he has promised me, “I am the Lord that healeth and I will heal thee” and that “The sickness of the Egyptians will not be put on the Children of God”.

I can’t grow more than my faith and it is how I develop my faith that it will work for me. Faith will lead me where reason cannot walk.

Let us start taking our place as ambassadors and ministers of the gospel. Let us walk the paths of this life with our heads up high because “The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof”. Let us start spending more time in prayer because prayer will make us understand the mind of Christ and bring us into fellowship with all three Godhead.

Heavenly father, today I pray that you will teach your children in this end time to begin to take their place as queens and princesses. That they will understand and know the power and authority that has been bestowed upon them. That they will put the enemy and the kingdom of darkness to flight because two will chase 10000. Holy Spirit divine teach your people how to apply their hearts to wisdom so that the enemy will stop taking advantage of them. I pray that you release spiritual, financial, marital, conjugal and material blessings on your daughters. I cancel every plan of the wicked one and I set your people free in Jesus’ name AMEN

Happy new Year once again. Please tell others about our blog and leave us a comment if you enjoyed anyone of our posts. God bless – Jane Awittor


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