Text: Matthew 7:14-26

The narrow gate and the rock are related. The broad way is used to symbolize a life of sin that leads to spiritual death. The narrow road is used to symbolize a life of righteousness that leads to eternal life. It is hard to get through something that is narrow; just as it is difficult to build a house on a rock. I would imagine building on sand is a lot easier. Sand is right there. It’s close to water. It looks good. It’s easier and doesn’t require much. Maybe even feels good in the breeze. Similarly, it’s easier to live a frivolous life, care free of right versus wrong.

The point is when we take the easy road to build our home (our life) and the storms and troubles of life come, what we have built on is what will keep us. If we built on nothing sturdy we will fall. But building on a sturdy foundation takes time, energy, sacrifice, and denying ourselves of certain things. The usefulness and sturdiness of a house is not determined by how beautiful it is when nothing is going on around it. The usefulness and sturdiness of a house is determined by how well the house stands AND keeps water, the cold, and the other elements OUT when they come as a deluge or as a windstorm. This is why people build bunkers and fortresses made of iron to keep bullets and bombs out.

When our life is tested, that is the time we know exactly how strong we are and what we are made of. I pray we build on the Solid Rock which cannot and will not be moved.