Text: Colossians 3:1-5

“If/then” statements. You can find them in computer programming and you can even find them in the law. But now here they are in this verse. Verse 1 starts with an “if/then” but I think it really reads, ‘if you were raised with Christ, then seek those things which are above’. Meaning, this statement is for those who have died to sin and given their life to Christ. Being raised to Christ precedes everything else. Seeking heavenly things is conditioned on being raised to life with Christ. Our life IS Christ. How awesome! No wonder our life is hidden in Him (v. 4). Even though we have died (v. 3), we must still put to death the desires/members of the earth (v. 5), meaning the ways of the earth. That is very interesting. It means it is an act of our will to continually have life in Christ. We must do something and not sit idle thinking Jesus did it all. Let’s make up our minds this day to daily remember our life is in Christ and it is for Christ that we live!