Text: Acts 1:15-23

It’s amazing that these two men, Joseph and Matthias, were with Jesus the whole time, but we (the readers) are just now hearing about them. They didn’t vie for a position with the disciples. They were steadfast and served where they could. But the day came where they would become part of the leaders. This tells me we should be faithful to Jesus because of Jesus and not for anything else. One day will come and He will reward our service, even as something we were not expecting. The Bible doesn’t say they approached Peter about it. They probably didn’t see this coming, but Peter decided the twelfth position needed to be filled. And so it was that their faithfulness was remembered. I pray that God will cause us to be faithful to Him, not because we want something, but because we desire to know more about Him and because He is faithful. And I believe that as we are faithful, He will remember us for good.