Text: John 13:34-35; Mark 12:31; Leviticus 19:18; 1 Corinthians 13:5

Jesus calls it a NEW commandment. We could call this the 11th commandment. Or we could interpret it to mean a higher calling than what was given in the old treatment. It is a higher calling not because it is new but because Jesus said we should love one another as HE loves us. Before, it was, ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. The sad truth is some people don’t love themselves. So, Jesus says to us to love as He loves. On second thought, I’d be cautious in calling it a higher standard.

In Mark 12:31, Jesus says no other commandment is greater. But it can be new. Another version I read describes this love in John 13 v. 35 as “unselfish concern for one another”. That too is a tall order. Often, we can be concerned for someone but is it unselfish? Is it because we have an agenda or is it because we want something from them? Whether it be attention or something tangible? That’s not pure love. Putting another’s needs before our own is pure love. Love does not seek its own. It’s a challenge but it is one I’m hoping to overcome as I daily pray that my love will be pure and unadulterated and unhindered by my thoughts or feelings about others.

Let’s ask God to give us a pure love for one another.