Text: Psalm 119:89 “Forever, O Lord,Your word is settled in heaven”.

Every book ever published always has a revision or another book that supersedes the previous one but the Bible has never been outdated or updated no matter how long we have on this earth/ It’s still fresh everyday because the words are backed by the Ever living Spirit of God. The promises in this book has been are always fresh and new everyday. I can read and meditate on a promise for a whole year yet the revelations from that 1 verse is ever new. God cannot lie no matter how the odds are against us, we just need to be addicted followers of the Bible so that God can make us what he wants us to be. This word has been settled so do not be discouraged because those promises that you have been trusting God for will surely come to pass “Though it tarries wait for it”

Prayer point: Lord, i thank you for your word that is settled forever. I pray for the grace to be an addicted follower so you can make me who you want me to be in Jesus name. Amen

Bible reading in one year: Exodus 16-18 & Luke 3-4