Text: Joshua 1:8

I recently attended a real estate seminar and the coach talked on the importance of daily affirmations as well as reading them to your accountability partner daily. He narrated how he met his wife by affirming the qualities he wanted in his future wife as a young man. I enjoyed the entire seminar but was more to the affirmations resonated more with me as I thought about the book of Joshua. Joshua was a young man under the mentorship of Moses and eventually took over the leadership of Israel after Moses death. The Lord told him in order to measure and attain success he needed to ensure the book of the law did not depart from his mouth day or night. It is no wonder that Joshua commanded the sun to stand still and the walls of Jericho fell down during his time. A lot of success was recorded in the book of Joshua because he heeded the Lord’s command on meditating on God’s commandments. Believe it or not, this theory works for believers and unbelievers alike because our words are seeds and once planted will yield fruits either good or bad. If you are expecting something great this year and in your life, now is a good time to begin confessing or affirming what you will like to see happen in your life. Happy Monday and a blessed week ahead

Prayer point: Father i pray and ask for the grace to confess your word and to speak positive on every difficult situation so that I can experience the supernatural this year in Jesus name. Amen



Bible Reading in one year: Genesis 39-40 & Mark 7