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And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those  who are the called according to  His  purpose. – Romans 8:28

Sometimes we look at a piece of our life & think it’s bad or not as lovely as the other pieces. We may wonder why God allowed such or we may wonder why things are not going as we hoped. It is only one piece of the puzzle, but when all the pieces come together, we see the whole picture. Or we may have all these piece but have no idea where they go. Give the pieces to the Master; He knows what to do with them and where they fit. Walk according to HIS purpose for your life & HE will bring together the broken or missing pieces of your life to form a Masterpiece.  – Eruore Oboh

From where You’re standing Lord, You see a grand design that You imagined when You breathed me into life.
And all the chaos comes together in Your hands like a masterpiece of Your picture perfect plan.
When I’m lost in the mystery, to You my future is a memory, ’cause You’re already there, You’re already there.
Standing at the end of my life, waiting on the other side. And You’re already there, You’re already there. – Casting Crowns