Matthew 11:28-30

Isn’t it wonderful for you to relax and forget about all your troubles and worries because someone is working on your behalf?

You never have to do any of the worrying or struggling, all you have to do is just commit everything to his hands and rest.

Here’s an open invitation to everyone and anyone to come to the Lord no matter how difficult and over bearing the burden may seem. Jesus is saying COME TO ME WITH ALL YOUR HEAVY BURDEN AND I’LL GIVE YOU REST. Why don’t you give the Lord a chance to undo the heavy burden that’s weighing you down and just rest in his arms.

There’s joy in casting all your cares on him and watching him take over. Give him a try and watch him rise up on your behalf and wipe every tear away and anoint you with the oil of gladness.

Lord, I pray that you will lift up undo every burden weighing your people down and give them rest in Jesus’ name AMEN. – Jane Awittor