Text: Mark 5:25-34

In our text we find that there was a woman with the issue of blood for 12 (twelve) years and the bible recorded she had spent all her life’s savings on Doctors but the problem was still there. One day she heard that Jesus was in town and she deliberately went to see him because she believed that if she touched the hem of his garment her sickness will disappear. She received her healing even before she touched the hem of Jesus garment because she had faith that she would be healed.

Many times in the trials of life we forget how the Lord has greatly helped us and we complain, cry and murmur. This woman knew what she wanted and she was determined at all cost to receive her healing. So it is for us today we do not have to wait for Jesus to pass through our town or cities because Jesus is with us wherever we may be. If you do not know Jesus ask him to come and make his abode in your heart and there will be tremendous peace, joy and satisfaction like never before.

Is there any standing problem that has been long unsolved and it seems that the more you prayed the more the problem remained? Determine in your heart that the problem is solved and then reach out to Jesus to heal, restore and build anything that has been stolen or damaged.

Jesus the same yesterday, today and Forever! Why don’t you try Jesus and hand him all your cares, anxieties and worries and then relax because he is in control.

Father, I pray that you will release your mighty power upon the readers and let every problem and reproach be wiped out from their lives forever. – Jane Awittor