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Lord all my mates are married with children when will my time come. Complaint or Request?. Father I have been serving you all these years and I have not been able to conceive when will I have a child? Complaint or Request?

A lot of Christians today fall into the category of complaining about their predicament or situation without actually making a request. Let’s look at John 5:1-9, the impotent man at the pool of Bethesda was there for 38 years but one day Jesus passed by and saw this man lying down by the pool. Jesus asked him wilt thou be made whole? This man has been embittered for years because he said whenever the angel troubled the water before he got there someone went in before him. He didn’t say please sir help me I am tried of my situation he just complained but for the mercy of God, Jesus pronounced the word and he was made whole. The same applies to everyone of us, God is our father and we are co-heirs with Christ and the Holy Spirit is here to help us. When we are faced with any situation instead of complaining and lamenting let us go boldly before the throne room of grace and lay our request before him and “he that is faithful and just will grant us our heart desires.

God bless

Father, I pray that you will teach your daughters to come boldly and present their requests instead of complaining and lamenting in Jesus’ Name. AMEN. – Jane Awittor