Proverbs 8:22-31

I love how he constantly makes wisdom able to speak on her own and able to speak for herself. She says she was there before God’s works of old. She also says she was there before the earth was made. This leads me to believe that either creation itself is the work of old OR God was working even before He said, “let there be light”!

She says she was there before the earth was formed and that she was by God’s side every step of the way. It is by wisdom that God made all this. All that God created He declared was good. And even now many centuries later, we are still enjoying the goodness of creation. All this could not have been done without wisdom. The great thing is God imparts a portion of His wisdom upon us so that we can use His creations to manufacture things. The Creator has given us the wisdom to manufacture.

But as great and helpful as she is to God she says she was there worshipping before Him! Thus proving that nothing is greater than God. She herself is subject to God. And so we too must not raise our manufactured products over God. Without His wisdom we would have nothing. We should continually worship God for His creations. – Eruore Oboh