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John 1:12-13

Here we see that there are three wills or ways that we can choose in life to follow. We can choose to follow the:

1) Will of the flesh.  This is our own desires. The dangerous thing about this though is that it may not even be sinful desires. It may be something that we just want to do. In this case we must be sure that it falls in line with what God wants for us. On the other hand, it could be sinful desires that keep us from obeying the commandments of God. We need to surrender our will to God.

2) Will of man. This is the desires of others upon or for us. By following the will of others, we become people pleasers. The Bible says we should obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29). Additionally, this can become dangerous. When we are always seeking to please others, we lose a sense of who we are. More importantly, we lose sight of who God says we are and what He wants us to do. This can cause us to fall into a ball of confusion and even depression. We need to put aside the desires of others and find out from God what is best for us.

3) Will of God. This is walking, moving, living, and being according to God’s perfect plan. God knows the past to the future. God knows us best and wants the best for us. We may not always seek, want, or like His will for us, but if we say that God is a good God, then His will for us must only be good. The sign of a matured Christian is one who seeks the will of God in all she does and submits to it believing that even though it may presently hurt her flesh, or not sit well with others, it must be good because it is the will of a good Father and King. I pray that we grow to be such by His grace and mercy. – Eruore Oboh