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Acts 8:9-11

Perhaps this was why Jesus always said back in the book of John, “why do you people believe? Only because you see signs and wonders?” Maybe Jesus wanted them to be after more than just that. I believe Jesus wanted the people to be after the heart of God and not just after material things.

Here it seemed the people followed this Simon because of signs and wonders but never checked to see if he was the real deal. This is particularly more striking as this is probably not long after Jesus ascended. So the people must have been aware of Jesus and his power to heal. Maybe this is why Jesus wasn’t impressed with followers of wonders but rather He wanted people seeking to follow and worship God in Spirit and truth.

People are so easily convinced by what they see. So goes the phrase, ‘seeing is believing.’ But the Bible teaches us otherwise. Jesus said blessed are those who believe but have not seen. (John 20:29). May we be in pursuit of God, whom we have not seen, and not in pursuit of the temporal blessings that we see. – Eruore Oboh