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Matthew 22: 1-14

It seems weddings are a recurring theme throughout the New Testament. I wonder why. I can see why humans love weddings so much; God Himself has a thing for weddings. 🙂

In this passage both the bad and good people were invited. Nevertheless, only few accepted the invitation and only few were chosen. (v. 14). It may be true of this passage that the King represents God, the son represents Jesus, and the wedding represents the rapture. If this is true, this passage speaks volumes about what is occurring in our present day as we draw closer to the rapture.

This passage also reminds me of something that Paul wrote later in the New Testament. Jesus came for the Jews; they did not accept Him, so now we (Gentiles) are called by Him to partake in His redemption plan. However once we accept the invitation we are still expected to live according to the dictates of God. We are still expected to wear the garment: holiness. But how does one obtain a garment of holiness? By accepting Jesus.

It is interesting to also note that they were all righteous by being there at the wedding but the guy that did not have the garment did not endure to the end. This is equivalent to having a garment that is stained. It is imperative that we strive to be among the few that are chosen. It is not by our might, but by the Spirit and grace of God in us. – Eruore Oboh