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John 6:4-13

It dawned on me that there is a flip side to the story. Yay for the disciple (Andrew) who knew the boy. But what about the boy? They said boy, not young man. Where are his parents?? Was he there alone? How does he know Andrew? Where did he get the food from?

I think this kid was very intrigued by Jesus and decided he wanted to learn more. No parents with him, maybe he packed lunch for himself knowing it would be a long day or long journey. Maybe he didn’t have money to buy food that day. Or maybe his widow mom couldn’t afford to go with him so she sent him with enough food. Maybe she knew Andrew and knew Andrew would be there and so she trusted that her son would be fine with Andrew thee.

Now what about him giving up his food for Jesus? This kid probably had some serious faith and love for Jesus to give up his meal. He probably wasn’t commanded or begged to give it up. He was very willing to give up his prized possession for the work of Christ and for the good of 5,000 people — because the Master had need of it. It’s a challenge to children, to teens, and to adults. This boy gave up to Jesus the one thing he had to keep him sustained as he was following Jesus! The little that he gave was taken up by Jesus and multiplied to bless many people around him even above what he offered. May our lives reflect such great faith to bless many people around us. – Eruore Oboh