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John 6:4-13

Let’s be serious. It’s not like Jesus didn’t know the boy was there with food but He probably asked His questions and let the disciples figure it out on their own for a reason. I mean why does Jesus have to do everything, for crying out loud?? Plus it was a chance for the disciples to partake in a miracle and to have their faith increase.
Leaders need to know their people, their followers, and their congregation. The disciple (Andrew) must have known the boy but also he must have known where the boy was in the crowd and known him well enough to ask for his food. The boy must have trusted Andrew to give up his food. If Andrew scared the kid and creeped him out, the boy probably would have been less likely to cooperate and give up his food.
Leaders need to know who to call in trouble. They need to know the dependable members in their congregation or group. Leaders need to get to know them personally, not to exploit them but rather to build rapport and confidence with the congregation. As leaders, or people in some kind of relationship with others, we need to be approachable and trustworthy & build rapport with people lovingly. It’s a 2 way street: leaders lead lovingly and followers follow with trust. That’s how rapport is built. – Eruore Oboh