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Luke 15:13-23

Sin will take a person outside of the borders God has placed to protect that person. Sin will make a person go and do what they never expected to do and keep them longer than they intended to stay.

The prodigal son, as a Jew, should not have been feeding pigs, let alone wanting to eat with them. “Joining” perhaps means he forced himself or yoked himself to the farmer to be able to make a living. Desperate people do desperate things. Staying within God’s protection keeps us safe. The prodigal son faced bad times after wild living. However, the bad times were a blessing in disguise because he came to his senses and realized it was time for a change. The famine was not designed to kill him but to get his attention back to his father and home. It was a wake up call.

One must realize that they have sinned before God even as the prodigal son realized he sinned against his father. He did not blame anybody but himself even as King David acknowledged He sinned against God and God alone. (Psalms 51:4). When we come to God we must humble ourselves even as this prodigal son did. Perhaps that is why the father blessed him with a party. Humility will grant us mercy, grace, and favor before God. – Eruore Oboh