Isaiah 39:1-8; Parallel references: 2 Kings 20:12-21; 2 Chronicles 32:31-33
This time Hezekiah received bad news and failed. Perhaps he was overcome with excitement at life and thought showing off his property was a good way to celebrate. We see here that Hezekiah became selfish, high-minded, and unconcerned.

He forgot where his blessings came from. He did not think to seek counsel before showing off all his property. He exalted the blessing over the Blessor, the created over the Creator, & the given over the Giver. Our hearts should never be content with just the blessings of the Lord. We should continually seek Him even after He has blessed us.

If you accept the word of God, whether good or bad, it will come to pass. If Hezekiah had realized the selfishness of his statement and turned to God and cried out for God to reverse and nullify what God had said over his nation, things would have been different for the kingdom of Judah. But he didn’t. He accepted the word of God. He essentially gave up his kingdom to whatever ill fate was ahead. He opened the door to all those attacks. “First seek the Giver, who is the Creator, then receive the gift, which is the creation. Never exalt the gift more than the Giver; never exalt the creation more the Creator.” –Eruore Oboh