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John 3:27-31

It seems there is always strife or there are always people causing or perceiving strife in the church. But here John humbly deals with it. This passage reveals that

1) Two minsters can coexist in the same radius or vicinity
2) But each must respect the other and know their place
-they baptized in separate places
-John acknowledged, knew, & accepted the fact he was under Jesus’ authority
-He rejoiced with Jesus’ ascension to the ministry and wasn’t jealous.
3) As leaders, and even just at Christians, we should deal with conflict with wisdom, not seeking to make it worse but to bring unity & peace in the church.

We should embody the lifestyle and character of these two great men when we are faced with conflict in the church and seek to further the Kingdom of our God, and not our own agenda or reputation. – Eruore Oboh