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Isaiah 36:2 Isaiah 36:4 Isaiah 36:14-16 Isaiah 36:21 Isaiah 37:1-38; Parallel references: 2 Chronicles 32:1-23. 2 Kings 18:19-37, 19:1-37
Hezekiah went into a session of deep despair. Sometimes just a regular prayer will not do it. For something so big and serious we need to get alone and sometimes we need to even cry and groan before God.
I like Hezekiah. He took bad news and his problems to God. He knew how to get God’s attention. He knew where to get help and where his answer was. Hezekiah ran to God with tears flowing and heart wrenching (and probably hands flailing) saying I need You to show up and do something! Hezekiah realized that answering for himself would do nothing, but having the King of all kings answer would do great things. Often we want to answer for ourselves and do something to show we are in control and sometimes people will look at us and wonder, “Why aren’t you doing something? Your situation is so bleak”.

Certain problems are a problem for God and not for us to handle. When we think we are in control we are trusting in ourselves and not God. We need to put our hope IN GOD and NOT in the thing we are seeking. There is nothing wrong with running to God like Hezekiah and telling God, “I need you to fall into this fight because this is something you alone can handle.” – Eruore Oboh