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Isaiah 36:2 Isaiah 36:4 Isaiah 36:14-16 Isaiah 36:21 Isaiah 37:1-38; Parallel references: 2 Chronicles 32:1-23. 2 Kings 18:19-37, 19:1-37
Here Hezekiah was faced with more than bad news…he was faced with impending doom! He was sent word that an army was coming to wipe him and his kingdom out and in a very diabolical manner. What a way to start one’s day! What a way to get insomnia and anxiety attacks.

It is interesting to note that Hezekiah told his people to hold their peace and not to respond to the threats. Sometimes we are so overtaken by fear or anger and we say the first thing that comes to mind. Often the first thing is not always the best thing. How good it would be if we learned to be quiet at times. Not the ‘meditating on my impending doom’, ‘woe is me’ type of quiet, but the ‘God is my strength and answer’, ‘I will meditate on His word’ quiet. If we have nothing good to say at all, say nothing…even to ourselves. – Eruore Oboh