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Isaiah 36:2 Isaiah 36:4 Isaiah 36:14-16 Isaiah 36:21 Isaiah 37:1-38; Parallel references: 2 Chronicles 32:1-23. 2 Kings 18:19-37, 19:1-37
God answered. I have never heard God so angry before. Not even with Adam and Eve! God took some serious offense to the threat on Hezekiah. How dare anyone say such words or think they can do such things to God or His elect??

Hezekiah understood that an attack on him and any threat to him was a threat and attack on God. Why? Because God truly does love us and truly is jealous for us. It’s like two friends willing to fight for each other. How different things would be for us if we truly understood that. How different things would be if we stood on that and prayed believing that any offense to us is an offense to God. An offense to God means that God will answer. God responded to Hezekiah with assurance and responded to the enemies with a drastic warning and He made good on His warning. The deadly end of the enemies was a sure sign of God’s wrath on any attempt to meddle with Him or His people. I bet the people of the kingdom were glad they held their peace.

When faced with bad news or offensive people, ideas, or things, believe in God & pray to God like Hezekiah. It’s a sign of true dependence on God and trust in God. God will show up and show off for you. – Eruore Oboh