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John 21:5-12

I’m not a big fan of prosperity gospel but the truth still remains God does want to bless us. It amazes me that Jesus already did the work (caught the fish (or maybe they just swam to Him), cut the fish, got bread, and cooked the food) and yet He blesses them with more fish…153 in fact (I can’t believe these people counted fish!). It also amazes me that the net didn’t break…again. I guess it means when God blesses you — I mean really blesses you — He does so over and above what you could expect or think, just as the verse says. (Ephesians 3:20).

I wonder what they did with all that fish. Well He did tell them to bring the fish for Him to cook. I love the fact that Jesus cooks too! He doesn’t just sit and wait for food. But I digress.

So it seems that Jesus also blessed them to get their attention. Does that make sense? God blesses us to get our attention. Look how fast Peter (who couldn’t outrun the other disciple to the tomb of Jesus) swam to Jesus once he realized who was talking to Him. I just think it’s really cool how God pursues us, and not just in one way but through many avenues. It is only fair and right that we pursue Him just as He pursues us. – Eruore Oboh