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Ephesians 6:10-18

When we stand in truth we also stand in righteousness which keeps us away from sin and doing what the devil wants us to do – which is only evil. When we stand in peace, peace is our friend and our joy. We stand in peace towards others. We have no anger or remorse or bitterness towards others. When we stand with faith, it protects us and our hearts from being shaken or broken by the tricks and plans of the devil. Faith keeps us believing and pressing into God.

When we stand in salvation, we do not lose our faith and our salvation in Christ. It’s interesting how it is the helmet. When we stand in the helmet of salvation we protect our head; we protect our salvation, which should be treasured above all. Lose the head, lose the body. Lose salvation, lose the soul. When we stand with the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, we are offensively saying no to the wiles of the devil. Standing with the word culminates the truth with righteousness and peace with faith and salvation. It’s all in the Word.

As we stand we rest in God. As we stand we find our contentment in God. We refocus on God and not the devil or our problems. We praise God and not the devil or our problems. Our faith is in God and not in the thing we seek. Then we pray again, supplicate, and persevere. We need to be strong in this. – Eruore Oboh