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Isaiah 41:1-2; Isaiah 41:20-24; Isaiah 41:28-29

To me this chapter is similar to a trial. Plaintiff: God v. Defendant: idols. God tells the pagans and their gods to bring forth evidence, so to say, to prove their divinity. No one does. God then brings forth His own evidence of His existence (the very fact that He is talking and has been there before time) and His works in the past and what He will do (Cyprus and provision for the poor).

It’s funny though because no one responds back to Him and He sort of alludes to the fact that no one hears these idols because essentially these idols don’t speak. It is mentioned that they are made by the hands of man. Often we think of idols as little statutes, or the fat bald guy, or some charm because it is made by humans. But idols are also money, media, fashion, etc. These are also made by humans. Idols are made; God was/is not made. That in itself defines God and His character: One who is NOT made, but One who makes. Idols are anything that we devote our time and reverence to and trust more than we trust God.

After much challenging, God declares that they are useless. Idols are not to be followed, trusted, revered, or even made. Don’t turn anything or anyone into an idol. Don’t put anything or anyone above God. – Eruore Oboh