Isaiah 65:5

I never knew this was a verse! KJV actually says, “holier than thou”! I think it is interesting how God lists the things that are reprehensible to Him. So often as humans we have our own list of deplorable behaviors. Here God is including the “holy and righteous” in this bunch of abominables! How totally counter-intuitive is that??

As Christians we can so easily stick up our noses and walk past people with the idea that we are better because “we have the truth”. We forget that it is only because of God’s mercy that we are saved. We go around pointing fingers and condemning others, forgetting that we were once like that. The sadder thing is that Christians do this to other Christians! As if one group has a higher form of truth than the other! I’m not saying leave people in sin. I’m not saying don’t correct or admonish people to be better. I’m saying do so with compassion remembering where you came from.

We need to allow the Holy Spirit to be the Holy Spirit and work on others and not us trying to take His place. It pains me to see what this air of righteousness does to the body of Christ. All it does is bring division in the body of Christ and animosity. Our job is not to think we are better, but to live in love, direct in love, correct and admonish in love, and to never ever push away because we think we are better. Our saving grace is salvation in Jesus and not our personal convictions. What unites us is salvation in Christ AND the pursuit of holiness. (Hebrews 12:14). – Eruore Oboh