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Isaiah 66:3-4; Isaiah 66:20

In the first couple verses of this chapter, it sounds like God is saying “I don’t like sacrifices”. After all, animals are His creations too. It was not His original plan to use them for sacrifices, but for us to enjoy them as seen in Genesis.

Further down it is clear that He prefers offerings from His people. Romans 12:1 says, ‘present your bodies as a living sacrifice’. If it’s living it isn’t dead. But Paul urges us to die daily. (1 Corinthians 15:31). Die to ourselves and to the world. But (if I’m right) we have determined God isn’t too pleased with sacrifices. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice and the final sacrifice.

So why a living sacrifice? We are to give ourselves, our bodies, as a living offering to God daily to be used by Him, to be filled with Him, and to be made like Him. He wants us to be alive to Him but dead to the world; alive in Him but dead to our flesh. And in so doing our sacrificing our flesh and surrendering our will becomes an offering of service to Him. – Eruore Oboh